Back the Jacks

First Bank & Trust Arena

Basketball Ticket Timeline & Process

Spring 2024

January 2, 2024 - Digital invoices for football season tickets renewals and new FB season ticket deposits will be sent out

February 1 - Notification on season ticket deposits for newly renovated First Bank & Trust Arena will be sent out.

April 8 - Football Season Ticket Renewal Deadline

May 13-17 – New Arena Seating Night (contingent on construction)

May 28 - Basketball Season Ticket Deposit Deadline

May 28 - Jackrabbit Club Renewal Deadline, Priority Points Deadline

Summer 2024

June 1, 2024 - Static priority points list will be pulled

July – Time slots of season ticket holders seat selection / current priority points will be emailed.

August/September - Reallocation Process - TENTATIVE DATES

  • August 5-9
  • August 12-16
  • September 9-13
  • September 16-20

(Dates will be determined based on construction timing / completion)

August / September - collect payment differentials, or night of their seat selection

Frost Arena Renovation FAQ

The main purpose we are having a reseat is because of the renovation to First Bank & Trust Arena. All the seating will be upgraded, along with new premium seating options. The reseat process also provides a path for loyal Jackrabbit supporters to improve their seating over time. This process helps us provide incentive for fans to increase giving and help provide the resources needed for our student-athletes to achieve athletic and academic success.

To qualify for the reseat, you will need to make a deposit for the number of season tickets you intend to purchase as part of the seating reallocation. You must have your deposit fully paid for by May 28, 2024.

After the seating reallocation is completed, you will be charged for balance on your account based on where you end up.

All season ticket holders, regardless of donation or priority ranking, must re-select their seats. All seat history will be erased for the reseat, and every seat in the arena will be available to be selected during the reseat. If your current seats are available at your time of selection, you may then have the option of selecting those seats again.

You will be sent an email that will confirm your time slot in late July of 2024 for the reallocation that will occur in August or September (based on majority of construction completed)

All fans will come into the newly renovated First Bank & Trust Arena to select your seats in person, during your allotted time slot.

Season ticket holders will need to arrive 15 minutes early to keep the process moving in an orderly fashion. If you are going to be late for your time slot and do not communicate ahead of time, you may risk getting bumped down a time slot.

You can designate someone to select the seats for you in person.

You will have ten minutes to select your seats. If you miss your timeslot, seats will be selected for you based on similar seating from previous years OR notes provided one in advance to athletics staff.

After selecting your seats, ticket office staff will greet you at checkout to pay the difference between your deposit and selected seats.

Timeslots are determined by ranking all Jackrabbit athletics donors who are basketball season ticket holders based on the Jackrabbit Club priority points system.

A static list of priority points will be pulled on June 1, 2024. Points will be frozen until after the reseating process is completed.

Midco Club will include complimentary snack foods (popcorn, snack mix, etc) along with water and soda. Midco Club will have its own private cash bar and lounge area. Midco Club seats are extra wide, fully padded and include armrests and cupholders.

Midco Club Seats will be a part of the reseat process. Suites and Loge Boxes are outside of the seating process. To provide ample opportunity for multiple accounts, club seats will be limited to 4 seats per account. Club seats will be on a 5 year contract.

There will be a limit of eight (8) season tickets selected during the new seating reallocation process. There will be a maximum of four (4) Courtside, Midco Club, and lower-level premium seats.

If a season ticket holder wishes to select four (4) Courtside, Midco Club, or lower-level premium seats, they would be able to select up to four (4) other price level seats during their selection time (upper level).

If a season ticket holder wants to purchase more than 8, they will select those additional seats after all season ticket holders have finished their seat selection process.

After the reseat is completed, tickets CANNOT be transferred to another account.

In an effort to be fair to all season ticket holders, the group will be able to select their seats at the time of the season ticket holder with the latest selection time. Please be sure to notify the Jackrabbit Club office that you will be passing on your selection time so that you can pick at a later time with a friend.

Previously, all Junior Jacks members could claim a general admission single game ticket at any home basketball game (excluding sellouts).

Similar to football, but new to basketball, Season ticket holders may select a reserved seat near their season ticket locations. Sections available for this will be 200, 205, 206, 207, 208.

Junior Jacks may reserve a season ticket seat with a $50 seat license fee above the $100 membership fee. Junior Jack season tickets for basketball will only be available in sections 200, 205, 206, 207, 208.

Junior Jacks members will still have an opportunity to claim a single game ticket, but they will need to pick from the available reserved seats for that game (excludes sellouts).

Details on priority parking will be released at a later date when more information is available to facilities and operations.

Parking will operate similarly to past years and priority will be based on Jackrabbit Club membership levels. Due to increased demand, there will likely be further stratification of parking priority.

After the reallocation takes place, basketball season ticket holders will have the opportunity to renew their same seats each year for up to three years. Traditionally, SDSU Athletics has reallocated the arena every three years. Following that same timeline, the next reallocation would be tentatively scheduled for summer of 2027.

Yes, we will sell single game tickets to events in First Bank & Trust Arena based on availability after season ticket purchases. We will not have general admission seats in the new arena, however, meaning all single game ticket sales will be for a reserved seat.

Open House Opportunities to Visit With
Jackrabbit Club Staff Members

October 12, 2023:
4:30pm - 6:00pm (Foundation Building)

November 16, 2023:
4:30pm - 6:00pm (Foundation Building)

December 14, 2023:
4:30pm - 6:00pm (Foundation Building)

January 18, 2024:
4:30pm - 6:00pm (Foundation Building)

New in First Bank & Trust Arena

Brand new seats with chair backs throughout the arena (excluding student section) with wider seats and increased leg room

Suites & Loge Boxes

  • 12-16 people
  • For questions regarding suites and loge boxes, contact the athletic development office at
    (605) 697-7475


  • Two additional elevators
  • Increased ADA seating options
  • New video board and ribbon boards
  • New sound system
  • Larger seats with more leg room

Midco Club

  • Snacks and refreshments
  • Lower-level midcourt seats
  • Private cash bar and lounge area
  • Pre-game access

Dakota Layers Deck

  • Social area at the top of the southeastern corner of the arena
  • Opportunities to host larger groups

Make an Additional Gift!

Support Jackrabbit student-athletes while improving your Jackrabbit Club priority point rank and seat selection time. Selection times are based on Jackrabbit Club priority point rankings, and you’ll earn 2 points for every $100 donated to the Jackrabbit Club.