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Membership Benefits and Levels

Priority Points

The upcoming renovation of First Bank & Trust Arena, including the introduction of suites, loge boxes and club seating, will require SDSU Athletics to reallocate all season ticket holders. To best serve all fans and make sure no one is put at a disadvantage due to the changes; additional priority points have been put in place to assist with the complete seat reallocation of the arena, which will occur as we get closer to the completion of the renovation project. Jackrabbit Club has developed priority points to assist with those that are able to make a gift towards First Bank & Trust Arena. On the right is a complete list of ways fans can collect priority points. Please Note donors will only receive priority points for their gift, not matching dollars.

Here is an example of Joe Jackrabbit's priority points:

  • Joe Jackrabbit currently has 1,200 priority points.
  • Joe donates $50,000 towards the First Bank & Trust Arena project which earns him 50 bonus points for signing a pledge over $10,000.
  • Joe also receives 2 points for every $100 that come in, Joe pays his gift in full which earns him 1,000 points.
  • Joe Jackrabbit's new point total is 2,250.

The SDSU Athletics priority points system takes into account longevity in season ticket purchases, letterwinner/alumni status, and annual/cumulative athletics contributions and is set up to reward consistency in investment in SDSU student-athletes. Priority points are used for determining seat location in an allocation year, away game ticket allocation and post-season ticket allocation (in conjunction with Jackrabbit Club membership level) and other athletics considerations.

Jackrabbit Club membership year ends May 31. Contributions received by May 31 qualify for Jackrabbit Club annual membership and benefits beginning June 1.

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1 Jackrabbit Club members must be season ticket holders to receive a parking pass. The number of passes listed at each membership level is the maximum number of passes allowable upon request.

2 Complimentary admission to all home SDSU sporting events (excludes FB, MBB, WBB, WR and postseason events).

3 Jackrabbit Club hospitality for football and basketball games include complimentary food and beverage options in addition to a pregame “chalk talk” from a member of the coaching staff. Basketball hospitality dates will be determined and communicated to members near the start of the basketball season.

4 See below for a list of current participating vendors.

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First Bank & Trust Arena Bonus Points

Points Description
50 signed pledge of $10,000+ to First Bank & Trust Arena
100 $10,000+ gifts to multiple facility projects (SJAC, DJDS, Frank J. Kurtenbach Wrestling Facility, and First Bank & Trust Arena)
2 per $100 to First Bank & Trust Arena

Priority Points System

Points Description
2 per $100 donated to the Jackrabbit Club
1 per $100 donated to any other athletics fund
(e.g. endowments, capital projects, excellence funds, suites)
1 per $100 worth of value for items donated to the Jackrabbit Athletic Scholarship Auction
3 per consecutive year of Jackrabbit Club Membership
1 per year, for which you hold season tickets
3 per year, for which you make your donation by the May 27th renewal deadline
25 Jackrabbit Club membership level upgrade
20 for former student-athletes (one-time)
15 for non-student-athlete alumni (one-time)
5 for faculty/staff donors (one-time)



Start of Jackrabbit Club Membership Year


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Former Student-Athlete Reunion


Football Season Ticket Renewal Deadline


Jackrabbit Athletic Scholarship Auction


Basketball Season Ticket Renewal Deadline


Jackrabbit Club Renewal Deadline


Endowment Dinner

Gameday Experience


Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium currently features 29 suites on the west side of the venue. Seating for each suite accommodates 16 guests with an indoor/outdoor seating combination.

Executive Suites

The private executive suite offers the ultimate in game-day enjoyment and luxury, providing premium seating and a comfortable atmosphere to share the excitement of a Jackrabbits game or a unique venue for a special business event or celebration with friends and family.

Leasing Terms
(in years)*
Annual Payment
10 $40,000
7 $42,000
5 $45,000
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Community Suites

The community suites offer a distinctive experience, with premium seating and an upscale atmosphere, providing an excellent opportunity and venue to socialize with friends and family and enjoy the game.

Leasing Terms
(in years)*
Annual Payment
10 $30,000
7 $32,000
5 $35,000
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Loge Seating

Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium currently offers 36 loge boxes on the west side of the venue with covered outdoor seating.

Loge Boxes

With reserved seating and elevated for unobstructed views, the loge boxes are a premium seating option for watching the game with your selected group of fans. Invite friends, family and clients for an unparalleled view of the action and a unique experience.

Leasing Terms
(in years)*
Annual Payment
10 $2,500
7 $2,750
5 $3,000
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Club Seating

Located on the west side of Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium. Amenities include complementary food and beverages and access to Club 71.

Club Seats

The Jackrabbit Club Seats offer outdoor, reserved extra-wide seating with chairbacks,armrests and drink holders. As a premium seat holder, you will have access to all the benefits and amenities of the enclosed Club Room.

Leasing Terms
(in years)*
Annual Payment
10 $750
7 $850
5 $1,000
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Reserve Your Premium Seating Today

Please contact the Athletics Development Office at 605-697-7475 or


Jackrabbit Club members receive priority in the allocation of available season tickets each year. The required per seat license to the Jackrabbit corresponds to the section chosen and can be found in the seating charts below for football or men's basketball and women's basketball.


Jackrabbit Club members at the State level or above are able to park in blue shaded areas on the map with a Jackrabbit Club parking pass. Tailgating options are also available to purchase in the Pink shaded area.


Tailgating Policies

  • Season-long tailgating spots are located in the ORANGE lot
  • Gameday tailgating spots are located in the PINK lot (all vehicles and structures must be removed from this lot by 5pm on the Sunday following each home game)
  • Lots open 5 hours prior to kick-off
  • Lots close at kick-off
  • Lots open 5 hours prior to kick-off
  • Lots close at kick-off
  • RV’s must follow rules (see RV parking)
  • Anyone wishing to consume beer or wine must get a wristband at an ID station


  • Anyone wishing to consume beer or wine must get a wristband at an ID station located in the Orange lot or in the concourse of Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium
  • Beer & wine will be sold in the general concourse or seating areas at Dana J. Dykhouse stadium
  • Sections 123 and 207 will serve as “alcohol-free” areas
  • Alcohol sales in the concourse will stop at the end of the 3rd quarter


For ingress (entering) and egress (exiting) directions, please click here.