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Forever Jacks Endowment Program

The Forever Jacks Endowment Program seeks to enhance the strong foundation of perpetual resources previously gifted by loyal supporters of SDSU Athletics. Building a robust athletics endowment pool will allow SDSU Athletics to continue to attract and retain the nation's brightest and most talented student-athletes and coaches, while developing lifelong champions well into the future. By providing the financial resources to fully fund a scholarship endowment or a program endowment you will forever link your name with the tradition of excellence at South Dakota State University and within Jackrabbit Athletics.

Scholarship Endowments

Endowed scholarships support student-athletes by directly underwriting essential costs including tuition, room and board, and books. A fully endowed scholarship provides our student-athletes with the support they need to focus on success in the classroom and in competition.

Scholarship endowments allow you to direct everlasting resources to the sport of your choice to impact the educational and athletic experiences of Jackrabbit student-athletes for years to come. Your endowment will help meet the financial needs generated by ever increasing scholarship costs. Three distinct endowment levels have been created.

Level Amount
Champions $250,000
Visionary $100,000
Leadership $50,000

Program Endowments

SDSU Athletics seeks to attract and retain quality coaches to lead our student-athletes and prepare them for success in the classroom, in competition, and for life after SDSU. Program Endowments provide financial resources to supplement sport-specific operational budgets and special projects as identified by the head coach. Resources are used at the discretion of the head coach in consultation with the athletic director.

Level Amount
Athletic Director Chair $3,000,000
Head Coaching Positions $1,000,000
Assistant Coaching Positions $500,000
Excellence Fund Endowments $250,000

Planned Giving

A planned gift to South Dakota State Athletics provides donors a unique outlet to make a lasting impact on the lives of our student-athletes.

Listed below are just a few of the many different types of planned giving.

Gifts That Pay You Income

Charitable Gift Annuities

When you set up a CGA with us, we make fixed annual payments to you, or someone you name, for life. Payments are based on your age on the date of the gift. After your lifetime, the remaining balance of your gift supports our mission.

Some advantages to a CGA include:

  • A partial charitable deduction, when you itemize
  • Payments for life (starting now or deferred)
  • Capital gains income reportable over your life expectancy
Charitable Remainder Trusts

With a CRT, you can receive income each year for the rest of your life from assets—cash, stock or real estate—you give to the trust. Your income can be either variable or a fixed amount. After your lifetime, the remaining balance of your gift supports our mission.

Some advantages to a CRT include:

  • A partial charitable deduction, when you itemize
  • Up-front capital gains tax relief
  • Professional management of assets available
  • Future estate tax relief

Gifts That Make an Impact Today

Charitable Lead Trusts

If your estate is at a taxable level, a CLT is a powerful way to pass more to your heirs and make a gift to us.

How it works:

  • You transfer assets into a lead trust
  • The trust pays us for a specified term
  • At the end of the term, the principal passes to your heirs with reduced tax liability
Bargain Sale

With a bargain sale, you sell real estate or other appreciated assets for less than fair market value to us. The difference between the actual value and the sale price is the gift, for which you are eligible to receive tax benefits.

Gifts That Make an Impact After Your Lifetime


A donation in your will or living trust, called a bequest, allows you to support our work without parting with assets today.

Some advantages include:

  • Simple to set up
  • Can be changed at anytime
  • Could provide estate tax relief
Beneficiary Designations

Everyone wins when you name us as the beneficiary to your retirement plan assets, life insurance or insurance annuities:

  • You can leave other, less-taxed assets to your family
  • You can also change your mind at any time
  • Our organization can put the full amount of your gift to good work
Give My Home, But Live There For Life

Did you know that you can donate your house to us, but retain the right to live in it for the rest of your life?

Here are some advantages:

  • You receive an income tax deduction
  • You will avoid the hassle of selling the real estate
  • You will feel satisfied knowing that your gift supports our mission

For more information on leaving your legacy through a planned gift, please contact:

Athletics Development Office
2820 Stanley J. Marshall Center
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD 57007

SDSU Gift Planning Team