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Equestrian Excellence Fund

The Equestrian Excellence Fund serves as an avenue for individuals to directly invest in the needs of the Jackrabbit Equestrian program above and beyond our traditional operating expenditures. Your support in the Jackrabbit Club and now the Equestrian Excellence Fund is essential to our growth and will help us in achieving a nationally competitive program. All funds raised through the SDSU Jackrabbit Equestrian Excellence Fund will go directly towards projects and immediate needs identified by our coaching staff.

The Equestrian Excellence Fund will position Jackrabbit Equestrian for greater success by providing additional resources to enhance the overall Jackrabbit student-athlete experience. With the combined dedication of our student-athletes, coaching staff, past letterwinners, and donors, there is no doubt in my mind that we will be able to compete at a championship caliber. You will find a detailed listing of our excellence fund goals below. We hope that we can count on you to continue to elevate our program.

Equestrian Coaching Staff

Equestrian Excellence Fund Initiatives

Equine athletes

Gifts like yours allow the program to invest in additional equine athletes, who are key partners for Jackrabbits in the arena. By elevating the numbers of our herd, we can provide students with ideal, four-legged teammates and greater opportunities to compete.

Facility Upkeep AND Improvement

To position student-athletes for success, the facility and grounds of the equestrian team must be in premier and pristine condition. The current state of the facilities could be improved by increasing maintenance efforts for horse shelters, adding new fencing for the paddocks and grounds, updating the structure of the equine barn, and covering the outdoor arena to limit climate constraints for practices and events.

Medical Expenses for Horses

Donations help us elevate our equine care and would allow for the highest medical attention to our hard working equine partners.

Athletic Gear & Equipment

New athletic equipment, in addition to updates on existing gear, is vital to enhancing the overall experience for student-athletes. This heightens the overall training experience for competitors, horses, and coaching staff.

Enhanced Travel Budget

Our goal is to allow our student-athletes to travel the nation and compete with top tier programs from all regions. Your gift to this initiative will help us to build a schedule that allows your Jackrabbits to compete against quality competition across the country and prepare us for our ECAC showdowns as well as Nationals in April.

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