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Difference Maker’s Club

Thank you for your interest in supporting Jackrabbit Football. As we continue our pursuit of both conference and national titles, private support to our program is increasingly important. The Difference Maker's Club is designed to enhance and impact areas in our Football program to ensure a championship level experience for our student-athletes.

Our goal each year is to finish our season in Frisco, TX with an FCS National Championship. In order to accomplish that goal, we have two key areas outlined below that we need your help with. These initiatives are essential for us to ensure a championship level program. I hope you will choose to be a part of our team and join us in our pursuit for a National Championship.

Thank you for your investment, and for making a Making a Difference for SDSU Football.

John StiegelmeierFootball Head Coach

Difference Maker's Club Initiatives

Training Table

Training table has a number of significant benefits for our program. These range from the great nutrition our student-athletes need, to the time saved from having to cook themselves - which allows for better study and sleep habits. A number of schools in the MVFC have implemented a training table, and we have decided to do the same. This allows us to not only better the care of our present players, but also impacts the recruiting of future Jackrabbit football student-athletes. Being able to offer our guys high quality, performance based foods several nights per week is having a huge impact on our student-athletes.

Fueling Station

The purpose of a fueling station is to fill the gaps in access to nutrients created by our student-athletes unique time demands and schedules. The station aims to provide our guys with convenient access to nutritious food pre and post workout, which is optimal for athletes in maximizing their energy, performance, and recovery.

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